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Chronic Pain Specialist, Medical Acupuncture Specialist & Retd. Anesthetist

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Wycombe Medical Acupuncture Clinics are carried out by Dr. Hans Mathew, a fully accredited Medical Acupuncturist (BMAS), who also works as a Chronic Pain Specialist at Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust. He is also a qualified Anaesthetist but retired from his anaesthetic practice in 2021 after a career spanning 33 years.

After completing medical training (MBBS) and postgraduate studies (MD – anaesthesia) in Bangalore, India, Hans joined High Wycombe Hospital in 1996. He further obtained a Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA) from the Royal College of Anaesthetists, London, Fellowship in Anaesthesia (FFARCSI), and Membership of the Faculty of Pain Medicine (MFPMRCA) at the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Dr Mathew developed an interest in Western Medical Acupuncture as part of chronic pain management and introduced it to the chronic pain clinics at Buckinghamshire NHS Trust. He obtained the Diploma in Acupuncture (DipMedAc) and is a fully accredited member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS), the society that regulates Medical Acupuncture practice in the UK. He also served on the Director Board of the BMAS Council for two terms (2012- 20).

He has been a medical doctor for over 40 years, and has been practicing acupuncture for more than 15 years; he has many publications in Pain Medicine, Anaesthesia, and Medical Acupuncture and has done presentations at the national and international levels.

His special interest is in the use of medical acupuncture for chronic pain management and other acupuncture-responsive conditions (see conditions treated).

Dr Hans was also a visiting Senior Lecturer at Bucks New University (2012-2015) and is currently Honorary Senior Lecturer at Edge Hill University (2019- to date) for the MCh MMed programme. 

He also has a special interest in mindfulness meditation and has done the ‘teacher training programme’ from The Oxford Mindfulness centre.

He lives in High Wycombe with wife and has 3 adult children.

Professional Affiliations:

General Medical Council (GMC)
British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS)
Royal College of Anaesthetists
Faculty of Pain Medicine of Royal College of Anaesthetists
British Medical Association
Medical Defence Union

Acupuncture treatment

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Some feedback from our clients

It was by pure accident that l came across Hans at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Pain clinic when l was suffering extreme back pain. Hans suggested acupuncture and l haven’t looked back since. 
I am in my car driving all day which doesn’t help my neck and back so I now visit his clinic regularly and to be honest l couldn’t manage without his intervention. He is absolutely brilliant at his work and as a pain doctor understands and knows exactly where to target to help alleviate the pain.

Definitely recommend – l wouldn’t go anywhere else!

— A. C.

I initially had electro-acupuncture treatment with Dr Mathew for right neck and arm pain in 2017. I had about 5-6 sessions of electro-acupuncture with good resolution of the pain and other symptoms. I was pain free till March 2021 when the pain returned a had another few sessions, again with good benefit. Being a pain specialist, he was also able to titrate my pain medications, which I highly
valued. He has pleasant mannerisms, calm and professional and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Electroacupuncture was a perfect solution to my health issues!

— G. L.

We originally met Dr Hans Mathew at the Pain Clinic several years ago, where my wife was having treatment for Back Pain. Unfortunately, after several different treatments she still had pain. We then decided to try Acupuncture with Dr Mathew. Amazingly after just one session her back pain was much reduced.
My Wife also had a bladder problem and a persistent headache. So we started weekly sessions to try to treat those conditions. After several sessions the bladder condition improved and the headaches have gradually improved. We have now moved to monthly sessions to keep the conditions under control. When we started, we did not know if Acupuncture would help, but we can now recommend it with Dr Hans Mathew.

Great acupuncturist! Thank you very much for your help, Dr. Hans!

— P. P.

After suffering with hay fever/allergies for 3-4 years which made
everyday activities and sleep uncomfortable, I thought I would try
acupuncture. After some research I decided to try medical acupuncture with Dr Hans Mathew.
At the first consultation, he explained everything in detail and made me feel at ease, as I was a bit apprehensive of needles. I could feel slight improvement with the first treatment itself! And this improved further with additional sessions. I started breathing more through the nose and the eye water and itching reduced. My sinuses are no longer congested which has markedly improved my breathing, and in turn my sleep appears to be much better and could really enjoy the summer. This year I have been Ok so far but relaxed as I know that I can contact him if needed.

Amazing experience Dr. Hans, thank you!

— M. D.


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